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Fernie Youth Services has compiled a list of resources that we believe are helpful to youth and guardians who are struggling with Youth Justice issues. Do you have a resource that you feel would be a great addition to our list? Contact us to let us know. We gladly welcome suggestions.

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The Story of Joe and Fernie Works

Joe is one of thousands of young people who have entered Fernie Youth Services. As a subject of the Youth Justice System, Joe had his life turned upside down. Upon leaving the system he returned back to a life surrounded by negative influencers. Without positive...

One Youth at a Time

It began with a chance encounter. On his way home from a church meeting one evening in 1964, George Fernie met a young man who had been released from Toronto’s Don Jail. His family had turned their backs on him, the youth said. He had nowhere to go. He was one of many...

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