I was lost and confused about what to do with life

“Being around positive people has turned bad habits into good habits – now all I know are good habits.” In 2013 Keon was in custody for robbery and possession of a firearm. Learn how we helped him realize a better future.

Youth Deserve a Community That Expects Them to Contribute

There are no handouts in life, or at Fernie Youth Services. We provide the community that youth need, along with long term support and accountability.

Caring Beyond Reason® is at the heart of our programs for youth and their families. In the spirit of George Fernie we provide at risk youth with the relationships, knowledge and abilities needed on their journey from the youth justice system to being contributing adults.



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One Step in the Right Direction

One Step in the Right Direction

April 20th, 2021, Headlines across the world spoke to the verdict of the criminal trial of the ex-Police officer responsible for taking the life of a black man. “Breaking News; Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murder in the death of George Floyd, a case that spurred...

Gangs and Guns Violence in Toronto

Gangs and Guns Violence in Toronto

To approach the issue of gangs and gun violence it will take pages of research and experience to put a finger on the major reasons. For the purpose of this blog article I will break it down to three topics. Environment, Schooling and Money. I will also include a video...

It’s better to build strong youth than repair broken men.

Join us and be a part of building strong youth in your community.

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