Helping youth flourish and contribute to safer communities for a lifetime.

We provide safe housing, community reintegration, and employment readiness to help youth in and at risk of being in conflict with the law find purposeful living.


Since 1964, we have guided youth on their journey away from conflict with the law toward their best self in the spirit of our founder, George Fernie.

“I feel good about myself and see a lot more options now…more opportunities, resources, networks and supports. I feel like people care and encourage me to do better in life. Being around positive people for so long has turned bad habits into good habits – now all I know are good habits.” — Keon

“The first time around, I was half invested, forgetting the Fernie lessons in my free time, and it didn’t work – let people in, let the program work because now I’m a leader at my job with my own house and dream car.” – Fehim

“When I was 19, I had one year of high school and no positive influences in my life. I trusted no one. Today, I have a full-time job and my G1 license. I go to counseling regularly and I’m planning a career.” — Kyle

“Before Fernie I did not have a home for a long time. Sometimes I was in jail. My mentors here taught me self-respect and to trust others. I have my own apartment today and a job. I am an apprentice to be a mechanic.” – Glen

Caring Beyond Reason® is at the heart of our programs for youth and their families. In the spirit of George Fernie we provide at risk youth with the relationships, knowledge and abilities needed on their journey from the youth justice system to being contributing adults.


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Community Reintegration

Employment Readiness

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Hope for Housing

Hope for Housing

On any given night, roughly 2,000 youth are unhoused in Toronto alone.[1] Statistically, more than half of them will have involvement with the justice system.[2] While every young client that comes to Fernie is unique, an unfortunately common trait is a need for safe...

Bridging the Gap in Transportation Inequality

Bridging the Gap in Transportation Inequality

Connection to services, opportunities, and employment has changed meaning significantly over the last two years as we found a way to make sufficient virtual options. Now that we are moving forward to a combination of in-person and virtual opportunities, we’re re-faced...

"It Is Easier to Build Strong Children than to Repair Broken Men" - Frederick Douglass

Join us and be a part of building strong youth in your community.

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