Earth Day is over, but the fight for a future is consistent – and the young generation is leading it.

Today, there is approximately 1.8 billion youth from ages 10 to 24. This cohort is the largest number of youth in history. These youth are actively educated on technology and environmentalism to prepare them for climate change.  

What are some stereotypes regarding youth? That they are lazy? That they spend too much unproductive time on their devices? These stereotypes could not be further than the truth. The younger generation is looking at our operations from a new perspective and bringing unique ideas to combat climate change effectively. Many experience depression and anxiety because of climate change. They need fundamental change to happen now for their future.

Young people are ready to be taken seriously.

The demands on the private sector for tangible environmental policies are coming from our future adults. Small and mid-sized companies are being urged to invest in long-term green thinking that changes entire supply chains. You have likely come across this without realizing the role that young people play. When shopping, you can check if your products are changing to become environmentally friendly through their packaging, production, and company stance. These minor changes will bring meaningful global ecological change to most small businesses.

Youth today expect tangible results towards meaningful change. Young people are vastly aware of the risks to our planet directly caused by previous generations. If they feel that they aren’t being heard, their connection through technology is their best weapon to force real change. It shouldn’t be put on our youth to make the change, but they are the ones that will deal with the consequences, so it’s up to those holding power to listen.

Written by Nolan Broome, Fernie Works Coordinator

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