Meet Dylan – Fernie Works Team Member

Fernie Works has helped Dylan feel that he matters and he belongs. It gave Dylan his identity back…literally.

Dylan is a 19 year-old young man who began participating in the Fernie Works program in May 2015. After being homeless for 2 months, Dylan moved in with his grandmother in 2014 and was financially supported by Ontario Works. Dylan has no family support system, other than his grandmother. His mother is deceased and his father had abandoned Dylan when he remarried.

Dylan identified as having a “bad temper” and is always angry, but wanted better for himself. Dylan did not want any form of counseling to begin dealing with his emotions and feelings of abandonment. Stability, improving pro-social development and increasing positive healthy relationships are primary needs for Dylan. He identified as having trust issues with peers, family and adults. He had lost most of his identification and important documents that are necessary to acquire self-sufficiency. His motivation to participate in the Fernie Works program is to “have a better life and feel good about myself”.

Dylan’s Major Accomplishments
Major Milestones: Approaching Self-Sufficiency

  • Maintains his own place of residency
  • No longer on Ontario Works
  • Preparing to engage in professional counseling
  • Maintains employment with Fernie Youth Lawn Care & Building Maintenance Program
  • Completed Certifications: Ontario Health & Safety/WHIMIS/Accessibility Ontario Disability Act
  • Acquiring employment skills and habits
  • Acquired all identification documents
  • Moved from no career aspirations to engaging in career planning
  • Moved from being very angry and isolated to trusting and improving social functioning
  • Accepting and trusting healthy adult relationships
  • Accepting support from others and building a supportive network
  • Learning and understanding how to build a healthy relationship with grandmother

Question: What’s different about this program than any other experience you have had?

“There’s a lot of support if you choose to accept it. There are a lot more avenues that are available to you than any other experience I had. At Fernie, they help you with everything, from emotional support, school, to getting your I.D, setting you-up with work and housing. This program made me feel more responsible, it makes me feel more independent. Makes me feel like I am part of a team, with friends – not just go to work and go home.”— Dylan

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