Meet Fehim

A Fernie Alumni that excelled with his second chance.

“The first time around, I was half invested, forgetting the Fernie lessons in my free time, and it didn’t work.” 

Like each person that comes through Fernie’s doors, his young experiences were unique.

During Fehim’s first stay at Fernie’s East Scarborough Transition House, he was arrested again. This is when the relationship between a youth and his community supports could have ended but neither of us were ready to quit.

Fehim completed his probation and returned to the Transition House for a second try. This time, he was fully invested. He was taking part in the house programs, meeting with team members, and eagerly learning how to cook. By the time he was participating regularly in Fernie Works lawn care, he became a lead team member because of his commitment to the program and to himself. Fehim always had a good work ethic, but with Fernie Works he gained healthy professional skills that he still uses three years later.

“You gotta let people help you. Let them in, let the program work.”

The commitment to Fernie Works and the Transition House programming was a critical success in our eyes, but Fehim continues to push for his goals. Today Fehim is a college graduate, second in command at a job he loves, the owner of his dream car and his own home.

Fehim is the success story that every program wants. Not only because he has become so successful professionally, but because he had two paths in front of him and he made the choice to change his actions. Fehim chose the journey and worked for where he is today, and we are grateful to be a part of his story.

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