Help youth gain access to life’s necessities.

Youth need your time, your money and your contacts. Join us in the mission to help youth succeed. Participate in our inclusive giving community. Click the button below to donate.

Total cost of a year in
prison is $130,000.
Our cost for each successful
youth is $35,000.

Fernie Youth is a better investment in youth. Your return creates a tax paying adult, not a tax burden, paying dividends for life.

For over fifty-five years, Fernie has given opportunities to young people as young as 12 years old that society has given up on. Compassionate residential, employment, and community reintegration support transform at-risk youth into their best selves.

We work with over 100 youth each year to put them on a journey toward purposeful living. With your help, that number can grow exponentially, and our work readiness program can evolve to support and connect young people to the careers that suit them.

types of donations


Help us connect youth to jobs and community supports.


From work boots to a couch. Every little bit helps our goal.


We rely solely on community donations for Fernie Works.

Donation Breakdown

100% of your donations go right into our programs. No donations are spent on administration and overhead as these funds are provided from other sources.

  • Youth Wages 44% 44%
  • Safe Housing 18% 18%
  • Maintenance and Supplies 16% 16%
  • Charity Program Staff 22% 22%

What your donations can do

These are just a few of the things your donations could help our youth obtain. Your generous contributions make all the difference.

$50 = work boots
$75 = work clothes
$100 = transportation
$150 = G1 license
$300 = food for a month
$500 = rent for a month

Become a partner

Partners can help youth in many ways. Some of our partners contribute job placements, provide mentorship, sponsor events, involve youth in sporting activities, and provide community support, and much more. We’re always looking for partners who are looking to give support.

Contact us to become a Partner

We are looking for individuals or groups who want to join us in making a difference in a youth’s life.

get involved

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities that involve our youth and community.
Contact us if you have an idea of a way to contribute and participate.

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