Meet Keon – Fernie Works Alumni Member

Fernie Works helped Keon discover his self-worth and believe there are employment opportunities ahead with a chance for a better future.
Keon is a 21 year-old young man who has a youth justice background. Upon entering the Fernie Works Program, Keon was residing with his mother in a 3 bedroom house with seven siblings. Keon was sleeping on a couch. There was very little private space for Keon. Keon has a strong healthy relationship with his mother who is a strong emotional support to Keon. He had a strained and absent relationship with his father with negative criminal influences from his uncle.

Keon had no financial support, other than from his mother, and had no career aspirations. Keon stated that he was “lost and confused about what to do with life”. He also stated that he “felt good about himself, but lost around career and future plans”. Keon had limited employment experience and some high school credits. He has a strong peer network with some positive peer relationships. He identified as being “closed-off” from developing and trusting relationships.

Keon’s Major Accomplishments
Major Milestones: Approaching Self-Sufficiency

  • Reconnected with his father and maintains a healthy relationship
  • Currently resides with father where he has his own personal space
  • Maintains employment with Fernie Youth Lawn Care & Building Maintenance Program
  • Completed Certifications: Ontario Health & Safety/WHIMIS/Accessibility Ontario Disability Act
  • Completed Pesticide course and acquired Pesticide Certification
  • Acquired employment skills and habits
  • Engaging in career planning
    • Improved social functioning, self-confidence and esteem
    • Acquired his “G” license and owns his own vehicle
    • Opened bank account
    • Obtained passport
    • Focused on physical health and attends routinely medical and dental check-ups.
    • Developed Leadership Skills: Spoke at a church and presented at Fernie Youth Board of Director Meetings
    • Had opportunity to explore vocational opportunities, which continues among a supportive network

    “I feel good about myself and see a lot more options now…more opportunities, resources, networks and supports. I feel like people care and encourage me to do better in life. Being around positive people for so long has turned bad habits into good habits – now all I know are good habits.” — Keon

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