Meet Kyle – Fernie Works Team Member

Fernie Works has encouraged skill development for Kyle to grow and become more independent. Fernie Youth continues to support Kyle on his journey to move forward with positive life changes.
Kyle is a 19 year-old young man who currently resides with his mother and three young siblings. Kyle
identified as having positive relationships with his mother, grandmother and father. Mother and father are separated. Kyle has less than 1 year completed High School credits and wishes to seek full-time employment in order to live independently. He had no career aspirations and no financial support beyond what his mother provides.

Kyle has a strong relationship with his older brother and has observed him making positive changes for himself. Kyle came to Fernie Works in May 2015 with the hopes of following in his brother’s footsteps and making good life changes. Kyle is preparing to move into Fernie Youth residential housing which is a progressive step for Kyle. It has taken quite some time to build a relationship with Kyle, as he does not easily disclose information. As such, progression is slower than anticipated; however, we cognitively meet youth where they are to move them forward.

Kyle’s Major Accomplishments
Major Milestones:

  • Maintains employment with Fernie Youth Lawn Care & Building Maintenance Program
  • Completed Certifications: Ontario Health & Safety/WHIMIS/Accessibility Ontario Disability Act
  • Acquiring employment skills and habits
  • Moved from no career aspirations to begin career planning and exploration
  • Improved social skills
  • Acquired his “G1” license
  • Acquired a cell phone
  • Committed and attending life skill groups/counseling
  • Completed passport application
  • Beginning to feel comfortable with Fernie Works and relationship is slowly building.

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