Meet Peter – Fernie Works Team Member

Fernie Works has inspired and supported Peter to strive to accomplish more with his life, so that he can become proud of himself and his achievements.
Peter is a 20 year-old young man who has a youth justice background. Peter began participating in the Fernie Works program in August 2015. He currently resides at home with both mother and father; however, he is preparing to move into Fernie Youth residential housing. Peter is quite excited and looking forward to this move. Peter began Fernie Works with no financial supports beyond what his mother and father provided.

He identifies his relationship with his parents to be neutral. Immigrating to Canada has left him feeling sad and isolated. He was not feeling satisfied with his life and wants “more”. He stated that he needs support and direction to better his life. He feels as though his parents are ashamed of him. Peter wishes to establish full-time non-career employment as a short-term goal and full-time career employment in a long-term goal.

Peter’s Major Accomplishments
Major Milestones:

  • Maintains employment with Fernie Works Lawn Care & Maintenance Program
  • Completed Certifications: Ontario Health & Safety/WHIMIS/Accessibility Ontario Disability Act
  • Acquiring employment skills and habits
  • Preparing to complete his last high school credit to achieve his Ontario Secondary School
  • Completed move-out planning of parents home
  • Engaging in informal counseling sessions with staff to explore self
  • Improving social functioning
  • Developing leadership skills: leading nutrition and exercise programs with other Fernie Works
  • Moved from career goal as an abstract to actively taking steps toward achievement – Working
    towards being a fitness trainer:
    – Completed his CanFitPro Certification
    – Preparing for written and practical exam to achieve fitness trainer license
  • Has identified that he wants to own his own business as a fitness trainer
  • Studying in preparation to obtain his G1 license

“When I heard about Fernie Works through my Probation Officer, I was happy because I really needed to do something with my life and I already knew you guys from ‘Island Road.’ It feels good having something to look forward to and doing something with my life.”— Peter

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