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Every youth needs support. Some need money, some need a network that connects them, some need an adult voice to guide them. All of our youth succeeded from having access to these resources.

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Kyle has less than 1 year completed High School credits and wishes to seek full-time employment in order to live independently. He had no career aspirations and no financial support beyond what his mother provides. Kyle has a strong relationship with his older brother and has come to Fernie Works with the hopes of following in his footsteps and making positive life changes.


Before moving into Fernie’s Transition House and starting with Fernie Works, Fehim had a good work ethic but lacked the skills and commitment to change his future. After multiple run-ins with the law, Fehim made the most out of his second chance.


Glen is a 19 year-old young man who has a youth justice background in both Open and Secure facilities. Before participating in the Fernie Works Program, Glen had no supportive family network or significant adult guidance. He was residing in a homeless shelter and was struggling with self-esteem issues.


Before entering the Fernie Works Program, Keon was residing with his mother in a 3 bedroom house with seven siblings. Keon was sleeping on a couch. He had a straining and absent relationship with his father with negative criminal influences from his uncle. Keon had no financial support, other than from his mother, and had no career aspirations.


Immigrating to Canada has left Peter feeling sad and isolated. He was not feeling satisfied with his life and wants “more”. He stated that he needs support and direction to better his life. He feels as though his parents are ashamed of him. Peter wishes to establish full-time employment.

It is easier to build strong youth than to repair broken men.

Join us and be a part of building strong youth in your community.

Paul Cornish Award

The Paul Cornish Award was created to recognize the collective achievements of all those who have helped Fernie Youth become the organization it is today. This award is named for Paul Cornish, our longest serving Executive Director. For 29 years, from 1979 to 2008, Paul provided leadership and inspiration as Fernie grew and adapted to the ever changing needs of youth and families.

This award is for youth aged 18-25 living in the Greater Toronto Area who have overcome an experience related to the Youth Criminal Justice system. Eligible young adults have usually experienced a period of residential care or custody. The award is intended to assist young adults who were receiving services prior to their 18th birthday and would like some financial support to assist them in meeting their current circumstances as young adults.

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