The Transition House

Youth need a stable home to grow into contributing adults. Our residential program provides safe and reliable housing combined with personalized social supports for young men on a path to independence and purposeful adulthood.


A semi-independent home preparing young men for adulthood

This four-bed East Scarborough Transition House is a safe home for young men in complicated legal and family situations. Young men, aged 16-24, that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks of the youth justice system gain the tools to change their future.

The young residents are responsible for their own day-to-day tasks like housekeeping and grocery shopping. Compassionate youth workers develop personal plans for each youth in the home and provide guidance to promote healthy behaviours for a lifetime. With a focus on flourishing into adulthood, residents learn the skills they will use for their entire adult life, like meal planning and grocery shopping on a healthy budget.

The young men go to school, work or work preparation programs, and other life-skills training without the stress of an unstable home. At the end of their stay, these young men are ready to return and positively contribute to their communities.


We accept referrals from Probation Officers, Social Workers, Custody Facilities and other professionals working with youth. We also accept self-referrals from youth who are in need of housing. Previous youth justice involvement is a requirement for participating youth.

To make a referral or ask a question please contact

Sean Janes (Director of Residential Programs)

sjanes@fernieyouth.ca or (416) 903-6846

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Youth grow with their environment, the better the community supports the better the outcome. Read about some youth who have made a commitment to change.

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