Caring Beyond Reason

Nurturing hope, self-esteem and a faith journey for youth in a
supported environment.

Fernie Today

Fernie Youth is a charitable not-for-profit that helps male youth who have lost their personal direction and lack positive influences in life. We’ve been helping troubled boys become responsible men for over fifty years. We provide open custody residence, counseling programs, education and reintegration and transition support. We help put young people on a better path to becoming law abiding, value and faith driven, contributing members of our community. Many young men who come to Fernie have broken the law – many are from single parent homes and most have a broken spirit. With our dedication to Caring Beyond Reason®, Fernie Youth continues to change lives for the better for young men that live in your community.

Our History

TORONTO 1964- George Fernie began to walk home having just attended a fellowship meeting at his Presbyterian Church on the Danforth. He followed this same route every day, but this day was to be different. On his way, he observed a young man no older than 16, cold, alone, and afraid. George stopped and made his acquaintance and invited him to a local coffee shop. He learned that the youth was just released from the Don Jail after 14 days in custody for a petty crime. The youth was scorned by his family and friends because of his youthful lapse in judgement. George was moved to compassion. He took him back to the church and arranged for food, shelter, and a plan to get support for this youth. What George did not know was that his actions this night were the inspiration for the founding of Fernie Youth Services.

George saw in that youth what we at Fernie Youth see every day, young people trying to move past their wrongful choices and join society in a positive way. Youth need hope, self-esteem and a faith based journey to become successful. Fernie Youth continues the mission George Fernie started over 50 years ago. Through the decades, Fernie Youth continuously leads with innovation in our programs and services. We stay current with the social and developmental challenges that face youth as they move toward self-sufficiency. Ultimately, Fernie champions hope. Our success is defined by youth having the moral, social and life skills to establish a positive future.

It is our responsibility, in partnership with our community and government, to provide youth with a better menu of choices for success, especially for youth from families and communities with limited options.

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Takeaways from the youth influenced the US election.

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Fernie Works acknowledged by Canada Summer Jobs Program

Fernie Works acknowledged by Canada Summer Jobs Program

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